I helped make this adorable Birthday & Anniversary sign for a friend. I just loved the way it turned out so much. She got all of the supplies at Porters, then I did the vinyl for her. Just thought I would share it, so if you wanted to make one for a loved one this Mothers Day you could.


Please contact me if your interested in ordering the vinyl. I could always construct the whole thing for you as well. The tin on the above one is 24x24, and turned out to be the perfect size for two columns in each month.

Contact me if your interested in some pricing.  Mothers Day is only a few short weeks away!



Have a wonderful Day! Hopefully Spring has Sprung in your neck of the woods. In ours it is currently SNOWING!!! Augg…

I have a few vinyl pieces that I have made that are just sitting here collecting dust! I had the fun idea to have an Email Auction! How will this work you ask? You email a bid for the vinyl piece your interested in, if you have the highest bid, you win. The twist is that you will have no idea if you are going to win or not, because you won’t know another persons bid. Fun huh?  If your bid is only  $1.00… and you’re the only one that bids on it, or you have the highest bid…Guess what-YOU WIN!!! 

(If I have to ship it there will be a shipping charge of $6.50)

The bidding is open TODAY and will close on January 15, 2010…

Let the bidding begin-GOOD LUCK!!! I’m rooting for YOU…

1st piece “Find Faith, Gather Hope, Offer Prayer”

Details: This piece measures 32x6.5 inches. It is cut in a chocolate brown vinyl. The valued of this piece is $29.55


2nd Piece… “The Laundry Room-Loads of fun”

Details: This piece measures 32x7 inches. It is cut in a chocolate brown vinyl. The value of this piece is $13.50020

3rd Piece… “Find JOY in the journey”

Details: This piece measures 32.5x7 inches. It is cut in a matte black vinyl. The value of this piece is $21.30


4th Piece… “Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day, Love Beyond Words (Small)”

Details: This  pieces measures 32.5x7 inches. It is cut in a matte black vinyl. The value of this piece is $29.00


5th  Piece… “Family”

Details: This piece measures 11.5x5 inches. It is cut in a matte black vinyl. The value of this piece is $6.00


6th piece… “Live Every Moment, Laugh Every Day, Love Beyond Words (Large)”

Details: This piece measures at 57x9 inches. It is cut in a matte black vinyl. The value of this piece is $45.20


Start your bidding…

Again the Auction will close on January 15, 2010. When you place your bid I will need to know what piece you are bidding on, and your bid. You can email me at inspirationsbybrandipark@yahoo.com. If you are the winning bid, then I will email you your good news.


For those of you who don’t want to bid on the above items, but want to place an order I want to offer you

20% OFF any order!

(Offer ends January 15, 2010)


I love to jump from one website or blog to another and come across the amazingly talented people in this world. I love to see the things that imagination can create, and talent can design. It excites me when I see something that I could make with my own little style, or get an idea or inspiration from someone else. I love to run with it, and see where it takes me. I know there are so many little home based businesses like myself, that have amazing things to offer. So many creative, talented people that have products that I am sure I would just HAVE to have. SO…


I thought it would be fun to see what people have to offer. I would love to trade custom vinyl, for whatever it is that you sale. I will feature you on my blog and create and design something for you. In return you feature me on your website, and TRADE your something creative for my something creative. 

If your interested at all, leave a comment, email me at inspirationsbybrandipark@yahoo.com , or give me a call 208.313.3745

Hope you are having a wonderful day!!!

The leaves are starting to change, and the air has an exciting chill to it. I LOVE fall. It is my favorite season of all. I am however not excited for the snow to fall just yet!

In anticipation for the upcoming holidays, I decided to do a little craft.

This is a multi-holiday craft. One side is for Halloween, and the other side of the block is for Thanksgiving.


This is 9x6x2 inches in size.  There are 3 different options, and ways for you to order yours.

#1-A completed finished project…. $12.00 (reg $14.00)

#2- A unfinished project for you to complete… $9.00 (reg $11.00) (includes block, and 2 8x5 inch vinyl designs)

#3- Vinyl only… $6.00 (reg. $10.00)

There are so many things you could do with this. You could modge podge paper on the block and have a fun design that is unique to your style. You could tie pieces of ribbon or fabric around the 2 inch edge of the block to add a completely different style to your block. The options are endless.

If your interested in placing your order. Please email me at inspirationsbybrandipark@yahoo.com  There are a few things I will need to know in your email:

1-How many blocks you are interested in ordering (there will be a discount for any order of 10 or more-if your thinking Girls night out, Relief Society, or any other organization)

2-If you want a completed project, unfinished, or vinyl only.

3-What color option you want for your block. I will do any color your interested in. If you want a color other then Black, Cream, Red or Brown there will be an additional $5.00 charge to cover some of the purchase price of the paint.

4-What color you want for your vinyl.

Priority Shipping is $6.50 (for 1 block. Additional shipping is required for multiple blocks).


I am going to be placing the order for the Monthly Frame Accent on Saturday. If you want in this month, please email me at inspirationsbybrandipark@yahoo.com.

If you want to know more about this please see HERE.  Just a reminder it is $24.50 (unless you got last months, you get this months FREE). You customize it with the 4x6 frames of your choice! I have really enjoyed mine over the last few months. It has been a fun way to decorate.

This is a picture of this months Monthly Frame Accent


Can’t wait to hear from you! Hope you all have great fun plans for SUMMER…

I am going to be placing the order for MAY for the Monthly Accent Home Decor on Saturday April 24. 


I decided that I am going to make the offer even better and do a


Yes FREE, If you purchase May for $24.50 you will get June FREE!!! You just can’t beat that.


Just email me at inspirationsbybrandipark@yahoo.com and I will get you added onto the list. If you have already contacted me, I have your information, and yes the offer will apply to you!!!  :)

Hope you are able to ENJOY some warm weather! Have a wonderful day.

I have never been one to pay a lot for holiday decorations, except for Christmas. I just would rather spend the money and buy something I could use all year round…BUT, I wanted to have something in my house that was fun, beautiful, versatile and exciting. So I came up with this.


What I have is 7 4x6 frames. Each frame holding a picture that when put together forms a word. I have designed 7 pictures for each month of the year.  We aren’t having much of a SPRING in our neck of the woods, but that is the design for April.

Your first month will cost you the most at $59.50 (7 4x6 frames, and 7 4x6 pictures) If you want me to supply the frames. I will be honest, I will probably just get them at the nearest Walmart (that is where I found mine). If you want to supply your own frames, then every months designs is $24.50.  You can either get on my monthly mailer program, and I will bill you using paypal 2 weeks before the new month starts, and ship your order as soon as payment is received. Or you can order them all at once for your convenience. If you decide to do that I will give you 3 months free…so you pay $220.50 (not including frames, $255.50 including frames). If I am shipping the frames to you there will be an additional shipping charge of $6.50, there is no shipping charge for the pictures themselves.

You don’t have to worry about misplacing the pictures. You will just store it in the frames in the consecutive order.

Here are the monthly designs you would get. Remember you get 7 4x6 pictures for $24.50 (that's ONLY $3.50 per picture)!!!

January-Its the beginning of a New Year…set resolutions and goals!!! You get a new start.


February-Love is in the air. Open your Heart to all love has to offer.


March-St. Patrick's Day-Bringing you a little Luck this month.


April-HOPEFULLY…Spring has Sprung where you live.


May-Cherish your lost loved ones all month with Memorial Day.


June-The beginning of Summer…popsicles, swimming and flip flops!


July-Fireworks, picnics, or reunions…however you celebrate, celebrate your Independence with the 4th of July.


August-Before you head back to school, get in all the Camping, Reunions and Family Fun as you can.

August-Family Fun

September-It’s time for those farmers to Harvest the crops they have worked so hard to grow.


October-Ghost & Goblins galore…Trick & Treat for more!

October-Spooky boo

November-A month to Give Thanks for all the things we have in our life. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

NOVEMBER-Give Thanks

December-BELIEVE in the Spirit of Christmas and all the magic that comes in the month of December.


If you would like to order your Monthly Accent Home Decor please email me at inspirationsbybrandipark@yahoo.com

I am going to run an INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL thru the end of MAY…$19.50/month. SAVE $5.00! ($54.50 with frames for first month).


Happy New Years!!!
At the start of every year I find myself having a very ambitious list of resolutions. In the hopes to actually accomplishing and complete my list this year, I decided I needed something to motivate me...a little kick in the butt from time to time. There is the saying I am sure all of you have heard, "Don't put off till tomorrow what you can get done today." I will admit that I am guilty of that from time to time...so I wanted to remind myself that...
Whether I place this vinyl in front of my treadmill to motivate me to go that extra mile (okay who am I kidding...to get on the stinking thing in the first place), or I put it in my office to help me be more passionate in my business. Wherever it may be, I hope to read it a few times a day and find Passion in completing my resolutions and NOT putting off till tomorrow what needs to be done today.
I hope this year is a year of
resolutions and accomplishments!
Through January 2010 SAVE on this vinyl saying. There are 3 different sizes to choose from!!! Email me with the color choice you would like and the size of the vinyl design to inspirationsbybrandipark@yahoo.com.
Happy New Year Everyone! May 2010 be a WONDERFUL year!!!
11x30=$40.00 (original price $53.55)
9x25=$30.00 (original price $40.60)
7x21=$20.00 (original price $28.00)
Custom sizes are available.
Completed wood plaques are also available,
email me for details and pricing (shipping will vary).
Shipping for vinyl is $6.50 for priority.
Offer good through January 2010

(Must mention savings to be applies.
Orders must be placed and payed for by Saturday at midnight.)


Over the next coming months, there are so many occasion to celebrate. It may be Brides to be, Baby arrivals, or Birthdays... it could be a "just because I deserve to treat myself occasion" to Church Enrichment projects you are in charge of. It may seem strange...but Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas are just around the corner...so that calls for anything from home decor to gifts for the special people on your list. Christmas is only 139 days away... Where did this year go!!! This time of year always seems to be expensive. I am finding myself trying to think ahead, as to stretch the expenses over the next few months...I really think it will help. Especially since I have a new little baby boy coming in the first week of December, so I have no choice but to be prepared by November for Christmas.


(The more you spend-the more you save.)

Spend $1.00-$25.00 SAVE 10% off your entire order
Spend $25.01-$50.00 SAVE 15% off your entire order
Spend $50.01-$100.00 SAVE 20% off your entire order
Spend over $100.01 SAVE 25% off your entire order

(Expires September 15, 2009-You must mention the special for the savings to be applied to your order. Not combined with any other offer. Does not include Shipping cost. Is subject to change without prior notice.)

*As I announced I am having a little boy the first week in December. Therefore, I will be taking some time off from Thanksgiving day through January 1, 2010. So to insure that you get what you want for that SPECIAL someone on your list, or that SPECIAL project you have been dying to finish...or lets be honest trying to find the time to even start... I will need to have all orders placed by November 15, 2009.

* Please note that you are not stuck with the pre-designs on my site. I do custom work as well. This process is very simple, and you are not "stuck" with something if you decide that you don't like it after the design process is complete. After you let me know what you are interested in, I will create a vinyl inspiration for you. You will then receive a proof with a price quote...after you look it over, you have the freedom of changing...addding...or just not doing it any more! The options are endless.

* Also...I have been working on another little website that will display the pictures of the projects that I have been creating. Please note that I am not a professional photographer, so the images are very very raw. BUT...you can at least see what some of the inspirational project look like. Please visit
Inspirational Projects by Brandi Park and maybe you will be inspired for some creative projects of your own.

Please contact me with any questions
inspirationsbybrandipark@yahoo.com. Or you are more then welcome to call me at anytime. 208-313-3745.
THANKS Brandi Park

6:55 AM


I know that I haven't updated this site for quite sometime. I hope to be better and make this blog more user friendly for anyone who is interested in some Vinyl Inspirations. I do want to announce that I am having a baby in December!
#3 for us and we are all very excited.
In lou of that new I have going to have a
10% savings
on anything related to babies!
(ending the last day in June).
Don't miss out on the savings. Email me today for any quotes, ideas, custom designs ect.
Have a wonderful day!!!
Happy Shopping!!!

These are just absolutely adorable. Have fun with this funky and fun way to display your family.

I am happy to announce that we are adding a 15 word collection of Chinese Symbols. These are beautiful ways to design a meaningful area in your home that will be just the statement you want to share with everyone who enters!

3:57 PM

25% OFF...

Now until December 20th you can receive 25% off any order of $20.00 or more.
May your holiday season be filled with Family, Fun, and the Spirit of Christmas.

9:33 PM

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